Why Providence Deli?

Because everything we eat depends on just the right amount of seasonal sunshine and rain. It doesn't come in jars or tetrapak, it comes from the ground and we - clever monkeys that we are - have figured out how to wrap it up, preserve it and provide it on the supermarket shelf. Because the world is a Providence Deli and we should be grateful and responsible, because every mouthful is a blessing.

Are your products vegetarian and dairy free?

All Providence Deli products are not only vegetarian and dairy free, they're kosher. This means the preparation and all of the ingredients in are products are scrupulously monitored. Our products would not achieve kosher certification if any dairy or meat products were used as ingredients or as part of their preparation.

What other products are you working on?

We have a wide range of products in development and will bring them to you just as soon as we can. If you like the Providence Deli range, then make sure you buy it! That way we can bring you even more fantastic mustard, pickles, and preserves. If you have an idea for a product then please let us know. Email: ideas@providence-deli.com

Will you sponsor/support our cause?

We will be reviewing any sponsorship, marketing opportunities after our first 6 months in distribution. If you’d like to be considered, please email: ideas@providence-deli.com

Any more questions?

Please contact us via: customer-service@providence-deli.com and we’ll get back to you just as soon as we can.

We’d like to write a story about you?

That’s great, please get in touch via press@providence-deli.com

Where can we find your products?

Our products are in selected Waitrose, Deli's and will soon be available in Sainsburys too. Please check our twitter feed https://twitter.com/providencedeli for more information

If you have an idea for a product then please let us know. Email: mailto:ideas@providence-deli.com